BEAUTEX Fitted Sheet – Premium Cotton Jersey Fabric

BEAUTEX Fitted Sheet – Premium Cotton Jersey Fabric

BEAUTEX Fitted Sheet – Premium Cotton Jersey Fabric

Introducing the BEAUTEX Fitted Sheet, a luxurious bedding accessory made of high-quality cotton jersey fabric. With a weight of 160 g/m虏, this fitted sheet offers exceptional softness and comfort, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep.

Key Features

1. Premium Cotton Jersey Fabric

The BEAUTEX Fitted Sheet is crafted from premium cotton jersey fabric, known for its durability and breathability. The fabric is soft to the touch and provides a cozy feel, making it perfect for all seasons.

2. Perfect Fit

Available in a choice of sizes and colors, the BEAUTEX Fitted Sheet ensures a perfect fit for your mattress. Whether you have a standard mattress or a topper, we have the right size for you. The Topper size, measuring 140 x 200 x 15 cm, is ideal for those who prefer an extra layer of comfort.

3. Easy to Care For

The BEAUTEX Fitted Sheet is designed for convenience. It is machine washable and can be tumble dried on low heat. The fabric is resistant to wrinkles, ensuring that your bed always looks neat and tidy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the thread count of the cotton jersey fabric?

A: The BEAUTEX Fitted Sheet has a thread count of 160 g/m虏, which ensures a soft and luxurious feel.

Q: Can I use the fitted sheet with a mattress topper?

A: Yes, the BEAUTEX Fitted Sheet is available in a Topper size, specifically designed to fit mattresses with a topper.

Q: Is the fitted sheet suitable for all seasons?

A: Absolutely! The cotton jersey fabric is breathable and suitable for both warm and cold weather.


Upgrade your bedding with the BEAUTEX Fitted Sheet made of premium cotton jersey fabric. Experience the ultimate comfort and enjoy a restful sleep every night. Choose from a variety of sizes and colors to find the perfect fit for your mattress. Say goodbye to uncomfortable nights and hello to luxurious relaxation.