CIPLA PLAST Flora Bathroom Mirror Cabinet – White

CIPLA PLAST Flora Bathroom Mirror Cabinet – White

CIPLA PLAST Flora Bathroom Mirror Cabinet – White

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Flora Bathroom Mirror Cabinet

This CIPLA PLAST bathroom cabinet is constructed of high-quality plastic; it is long-lasting and sturdy. With its five compartments and brush holder in the door, you can store all your bathroom essentials in one place. The attractive and elegant design of this cabinet will perfectly match the interior of your bathroom.

Bathroom Cabinet with Mirror

View yourself more brightly and clearly in the mirror on the outside of the door. The mirror is clear, bright, and distortion-free. This cabinet facilitates effective space utilization and makes everything easily accessible. It has a wall mounting option and comes with the necessary fitting attachments, making installation simple.

Bathroom Mirror Shelf

Shelves can also be used on the sides of a bathroom mirror. They can be attached directly to the side to create something similar to a cabinet, but with a series of shelves. For example, bathroom mirrors with shelves like this will offer much more storage space than a singular shelf underneath the mirror.

Cabinets for Storage

Brushes, makeup, and a safe spot for jewelry are all items that should have a home on your bathroom shelves or cabinets. A corner storage rack can be placed in the bathroom, kitchen, or dressing table. It can easily store cosmetics or daily necessities, keeping your desktop clean and tidy.

Mirror Cabinet with Bathroom

They make getting ready each morning more convenient, and the reflective finish can help smaller bathrooms feel bigger. This cabinet provides lots of space to accommodate more stuff. The open space below the cabinet is useful for keeping items easily accessible, and two hooks are available to hang towels or other things.

  • High-quality plastic construction
  • Five compartments and brush holder
  • Clear, bright, and distortion-free mirror
  • Wall mounting option
  • Attractive and elegant design
  • Ample storage space
  • Open space below the cabinet
  • Two hooks for hanging towels

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is the cabinet easy to install?
  2. Yes, the cabinet comes with the necessary fitting attachments and is simple to install.

  3. Can the cabinet be used in small bathrooms?
  4. Yes, the reflective finish of the cabinet can help smaller bathrooms feel bigger.

  5. How many compartments does the cabinet have?
  6. The cabinet has five compartments and a brush holder in the door.


The CIPLA PLAST Flora Bathroom Mirror Cabinet – White is a high-quality and stylish solution for storing all your bathroom essentials. With its attractive design, ample storage space, and easy installation, it is a must-have for any bathroom. Upgrade your bathroom with this functional and elegant cabinet today.