Creality FEP Release Film

Creality FEP Release Film

Creality 10Pcs FEP Release Film

Product Description

The Creality FEP Release Film is a high-quality casting film made of high FEP resin. It offers excellent non-viscosity, heat resistance, electrical insulation, mechanical properties, and wear resistance. With a transmittance exceeding 95%, this release film ensures high-quality prints and provides product stability.


High Transmittance

The FEP release film has a UV transmittance of over 95%, resulting in uniform light emission and no spots. This feature guarantees the stability of UV resin printing and enhances the quality of the printed products.

Efficient Separation for Resins

The release film has a coating uniformity and stable release force, allowing for efficient separation of most resins. Its smooth surface is free from wrinkles, scratches, and bubbles, meeting the release requirements of various products. Additionally, it can be used repeatedly, providing cost-effectiveness.

Easy Installation

The installation process is simple and quick. Before installation, remove the protective cover on both sides of the FEP sheet. Then, follow these three steps: remove the screws at the bottom of the tray and take out the broken release film, place the film between the two steel frames, and put the assembled steel frame back into the tray. Finally, tighten the screws to complete the installation.

High-Temperature Resistance

The Creality FEP Release Film can withstand long-term working temperatures of up to 200°C and has a melting point of 260°C. This high-temperature resistance ensures that the film does not melt during the printing process. Additionally, it offers excellent ductility, up to 300%, and can be bent 10,000 times without losing its flexibility.

Good Compatibility

The release film is compatible with most LCD/SLA 3D printers with a print size of no more than 200 x 140mm. It is suitable for printers such as ELEGOO Mars, ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro, ANYCUBIC Photon, Photon S, CL-60, LD-002R, and LD-002H. If you encounter any issues during use, our customer support team is available 24/7 to assist you.

Product Information

  • Product Size: 200 x 140 x 0.15mm
  • Package Size: 217 x 160 x 20mm
  • Flatness: 0.001mm
  • Quantity: 10pcs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this release film be used with other 3D printers?

No, this release film is specifically designed for ELEGOO Mars, ELEGOO Mars 2 Pro, ANYCUBIC Photon, Photon S, CL-60, LD-002R, and LD-002H printers.

2. How many times can the release film be used?

The release film can be used repeatedly, ensuring cost-effectiveness and reducing the need for frequent replacements.

3. Is the installation process complicated?

No, the installation process is simple and can be completed in just three steps. Detailed instructions are provided in the product manual.


The Creality FEP Release Film is a high-quality product that offers excellent features and benefits for 3D printers. With its high transmittance, efficient separation for resins, easy installation, high-temperature resistance, and good compatibility, it is a reliable choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike. Upgrade your 3D printing experience with the Creality FEP Release Film.