Mr. Surfacer 500 Spray 100ml – The Perfect Solution for Gundam Hobbyists

Mr. Surfacer 500 Spray 100ml – The Perfect Solution for Gundam Hobbyists

Mr. Surfacer 500 Spray 100ml – The Perfect Solution for Gundam Hobbyists

Are you a Gundam hobbyist looking for the perfect solution to enhance your models? Look no further than Mr. Surfacer 500 Spray 100ml. This high-quality product is designed to provide a smooth and flawless surface for your Gundam models, ensuring a professional finish every time.

Why Choose Mr. Surfacer 500 Spray 100ml?

Mr. Surfacer 500 Spray 100ml offers several advantages that make it the preferred choice among Gundam hobbyists:

1. Easy Application

With its convenient spray bottle, Mr. Surfacer 500 is incredibly easy to apply. Simply spray it onto your Gundam model, and it will create a thin layer that fills in imperfections and provides a smooth surface for painting.

2. Excellent Coverage

One of the standout features of Mr. Surfacer 500 is its excellent coverage. It effectively hides any scratches, seams, or blemishes on your Gundam model, ensuring a flawless appearance.

3. Versatility

Whether you’re working with plastic, resin, or metal Gundam models, Mr. Surfacer 500 is compatible with all materials. This versatility makes it a must-have product for Gundam hobbyists of all skill levels.

4. Quick Drying Time

Mr. Surfacer 500 has a quick drying time, allowing you to proceed with the next steps of your Gundam model project without delay. This saves you time and ensures a more efficient workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How should I prepare my Gundam model before applying Mr. Surfacer 500?

A: Before applying Mr. Surfacer 500, make sure to clean your Gundam model thoroughly to remove any dust or debris. Sand any rough surfaces and ensure that the model is dry before proceeding.

Q: Can I use Mr. Surfacer 500 on painted surfaces?

A: Yes, Mr. Surfacer 500 can be used on painted surfaces. However, it is recommended to test it on a small, inconspicuous area first to ensure compatibility with the existing paint.

Q: How many coats of Mr. Surfacer 500 should I apply?

A: The number of coats depends on the condition of your Gundam model. For minor imperfections, one coat may be sufficient. However, for more significant flaws, multiple coats may be necessary.


Mr. Surfacer 500 Spray 100ml is the ultimate solution for Gundam hobbyists who strive for perfection in their models. Its easy application, excellent coverage, versatility, and quick drying time make it a must-have product in your Gundam toolkit. Say goodbye to imperfections and hello to a flawless finish with Mr. Surfacer 500 Spray 100ml.