Smead Fastener File Folders – Organize Your Documents Efficiently

Smead Fastener File Folders – Organize Your Documents Efficiently

Smead Fastener File Folders – Organize Your Documents Efficiently

Are you tired of your documents being scattered all over your desk? Do you struggle to find important papers when you need them the most? Look no further than the Smead Fastener File Folders. These file folders are designed to help you organize your letter-sized documents with ease and efficiency.

Reinforced Tabs for Durability

One of the standout features of the Smead Fastener File Folders is their reinforced tabs. The 1/3 cut reinforced tab ensures that the folders can withstand frequent handling and remain in excellent condition. You no longer have to worry about tabs tearing or becoming illegible over time. The durability of these folders ensures that your documents stay organized for the long haul.

Two Fasteners for Secure Document Storage

Another key feature of the Smead Fastener File Folders is the inclusion of two fasteners in positions #1 and #3. These fasteners securely hold your documents in place, preventing them from falling out or getting mixed up with other papers. Whether you’re storing invoices, contracts, or important reports, you can trust that your documents will stay in order.

High-Quality Manila Material

The Smead Fastener File Folders are made from high-quality manila material, known for its strength and durability. The sturdy construction of these folders ensures that they can withstand daily use without tearing or fraying. Additionally, the classic manila color gives your office a professional and organized look.

Convenient Box of 50 Folders

Each box of Smead Fastener File Folders contains 50 folders, providing you with ample storage for your documents. Whether you’re organizing a small project or a large client portfolio, these folders have you covered. The box is compact and easy to store, allowing you to keep your office space neat and tidy.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Can I use these folders for legal-sized documents?
  2. No, these folders are specifically designed for letter-sized documents. If you need folders for legal-sized documents, we recommend checking out our Smead Legal Fastener File Folders.

  3. Are the fasteners removable?
  4. No, the fasteners are not removable. They are securely attached to the folders to ensure the documents stay in place.

  5. Can I write on the tabs?
  6. Yes, the reinforced tabs are designed to be writable. You can easily label the tabs with a pen or marker for easy identification.

In conclusion, the Smead Fastener File Folders are the perfect solution for organizing your letter-sized documents. With reinforced tabs, two fasteners, and a durable manila construction, these folders provide the durability and functionality you need. Say goodbye to messy desks and lost documents – get your Smead Fastener File Folders today!