Smead Hanging File Folder – Organize Your Documents with Ease

Smead Hanging File Folder – Organize Your Documents with Ease

Smead Hanging File Folder – Organize Your Documents with Ease

Are you tired of searching through stacks of papers and folders to find the document you need? Look no further than the Smead Hanging File Folder. With its adjustable tabs, letter size, and vibrant blue color, this folder is the perfect solution for organizing your documents in any office or home setting.

Key Features

Adjustable Tabs

The Smead Hanging File Folder comes with replaceable white tab inserts and repositionable vinyl tabs. With a 1/5 cut and 1/2-inch height, these tabs allow you to easily label and categorize your files for quick and easy access.

Durable and Eco-Friendly

These hanging file folders are made from 11 pt. colored stock and contain 10% recycled content and 10% post-consumer material. They are also SFI Sourcing Certified, ensuring that you are making an environmentally conscious choice.

Easy to Use

The coated rod tips of the Smead Hanging File Folder allow for smooth sliding in file drawers, making organizing and accessing your documents hassle-free. The clear poly tabs can be positioned in several locations on the front or back panel, allowing you to create a customized filing system that suits your needs.

Organize with Color

With these blue hanging file folders, you can easily color-code your files for quick and easy identification. Pair them with colored interior folders to prevent misfiling and create a visually appealing filing system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many folders are included in a box?

A: Each box of Smead Hanging File Folders contains 25 letter size folders.

Q: What are the dimensions of the folders?

A: The folders measure 11-3/4″ W x 9-1/4″ H (exclusive of rods and tabs), making them suitable for most desk drawers and file cabinets.

Q: Can I use these folders with other Smead products?

A: Yes, these hanging file folders are compatible with other Smead products, allowing you to expand your filing system as needed.


With the Smead Hanging File Folder, you can finally say goodbye to the chaos of disorganized documents. Its adjustable tabs, durable construction, and vibrant blue color make it the perfect choice for any office or home setting. Start organizing your files with ease today!